Big Love Ukraine
Challenging the injustice of war



With your support we have raised So much to support those effected by the war in ukraine.

Big love ukraine

Big Love has projects and partners in both Romania & Moldova which border Ukraine. In Moldova, The Phoenix Centre is a day care facility for disabled children and a home for the elderly. They have responded by opening as a centre for refugees. The La Via community centre have responded by supporting displaced children from Ukraine. 

Our friends in Romania, as well as taking in refugees are doing regular trips to Ukrainian border to drop off humanitarian aid, from coats, baby cloths, nappies, water and blankets. All resource from this appeal will help us supply essentials and equip our friends who are providing support & emergency essentials to those fleeing Ukraine in what is fast becoming a humanitarian crisis.

Our trip to Romania a few weeks ago was powerful and emotional but helped us get a clearer idea of where Big Love can increase our support in the now and long term. With confidence and from what we have witnessed we know Love will always overcome the darkness. Thanks for your support.

Trip to the border

The full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine has caused devastating chaos to thousands of individuals and families who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and are now fleeing and moving across international borders. Big Love, working with our partners in Romania & Moldova is supporting re-housed families and delivering aid to the borders.

Challenging the injustice of the war in ukraine.