Big love begins

In 2019, Big Love began working in Romania. Our primary mission was to provide support to families and children who were facing the harshest challenges of poverty and hardship. While the onset of Covid brought about unexpected changes, it opened new doors of opportunity. We took the initiative to help establish Food Banks in Calarasi, a step that was warmly embraced by the local community. Our connection with our Romanian partners, Outstretched Hands remains steadfast, and together, we're scripting a story of change and progress. With numerous trips always being planned through out the year, we believe the journey ahead is filled with inspiration, hope, and boundless possibilities.

Places we work

Big Love's reach spans Romania, Moldova, and the UK, where we're driven by our five core objectives. We've established enduring partnerships with local organizations in Romania and Moldova. Additionally, we offer vital monthly food and aid support to Ukrainian refugees in Romania. In the UK, our work includes school-based football projects, self-esteem courses, and providing warm coats to children facing poverty in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. We're a force for positive change, making a difference in partnership with others.

Doi Moldoveni

We're committed to creating a brighter future. We provide vital financial support to a venue in Doi Moldoveni where children are welcomed daily to breakfasts, lunches, and educational adventures. With over 50+ children gathering at this centre daily, we're making a profound impact in a region where the shadows of trafficking loom. But that's not all; our support extends to the dedicated staff who serve as mentors and guides to the children.


In Oltenita, we serve two neighbourhoods, impacting around 50 children. In one neighbourhood, we provide Bible lessons, songs, crafts, and homework support. In the other, we offer assistance with writing and maths. Many children come from backgrounds where parental involvement in education is limited, but our intervention is improving school attendance and academic performance. Financial support from Big Love is vital for sustaining these activities and building strong bonds within these communities

Hairdressing courses

This year, we've introduced a pioneering hairdressing course for young people at risk of trafficking and exploitation. Our mission is to expand the scope of skills training for young people through collaboration with UK businesses and faith groups. We aim to sponsor and empower more children, with a series of exciting initiatives lined up. Stay tuned for more updates

Big Love Moldova

We're excited that we are branching into Moldova working with our amazing Big Love Moldova facilitators Tim & Ellie Button. Throughout the year we shall be supporting a centre for children with disability and a community centre for young people. In the summer of 2022, Big Love supported a Superhero's summer camp for 50 disabled children over a 2 week period. We look forward to trips in 2024.

Big Love Local

Big Love is committed to our hometown, empowering local youth through football mentoring at a secondary school. We also host weekly adult indoor football, fostering community connections. In partnership with Reach Every Generation and the council, we mentor Year 9 boys towards purpose, respect, and self-care. Additionally, we provide inspiring football sessions for 14-16 year-olds at an additional needs college. Together, we're making a positive impact right here at home!

Big Love Hope Course

Big Love has just launched our Hope Course, a beacon of support for those navigating addiction and challenges. This course has already touched the lives of 20 incredible women in the UK and 40 women abroad. Our mission is to create lasting change, we're in the process of adapting this course to benefit primary school children. We're extending an open invitation for sponsorship to further empower this incredible course and extend its reach.

Big Love - Short term trips

We're incredibly privileged to work with Outstretched Hands, our partners for over a decade. Together, we've made a positive impact through football workshops, training, construction, and engaging kids in many activities. Our various initiatives have touched the lives of over 800 children. We embark on 4-5 short-term trips to Romania every year to fulfill our objectives. Currently, we have an intern in Romania contributing to our work. Join us on these trips, costing approximately £500, which covers flights, food, and accommodation, and become part of this inspiring journey

Key Strategic Areas


We're inspired by the profound impact football creates during our trips. Working with some professional clubs in the UK we have been able to distribute hundreds of kits and delivered many coaching sessions. We have financially supported Romanian villages with equipment and goals and always make football a feature on our trips. In the UK we deliver Football mentoring in secondary schools.

Hope & Wellbeing

One of our goals is to unleash the potential within every individual through our Big Love Hope Courses. We're firm believers in the intrinsic worth and value of every person, and we're on a mission to spread that message far and wide! Our self-esteem course has already empowered more than 40 women in the villages we support in Romania and 27 women in the UK. With over a decade of experience in assisting vulnerable adults, our team is eager to make a difference


Working with UK schools we have been able to provide basic curriculums which can be easily adapted into the areas we serve overseas. Teaming up with UK schools we have been able to transport resources, stationary, bags and books into Romanian schools. We also supported a school in Romania for 15 Ukrainian children.

Relational Development

We work with community leaders and look at sustainable models of self sufficiency to provide respite for community leaders who tirelessly sow into the lives of many. Each trip has a relational focus working with churches, villages, and business leaders.

Building Work

To bring teams of skilled workers onto trips where small domestic jobs can be completed over the duration of the trip. Every task we take on has to be completed before we leave, these jobs include building storage, putting up shelves or other small domestic jobs. Earlier this year our team built a concrete base ready for future work.