Stu Alleway

Thanks for visiting our page. Emm and I founded Big Love in 2019, and since then we've been working with multiple UK agencies, businesses, football clubs & schools to deliver education, sporting activities and breakfast and lunch clubs for children in areas of severe depravation. We are now also in the process of setting up projects to support children vulnerable to trafficking. In the UK we are working with pastoral teams in schools to provide coats for children in hardship and mid-week we run a football club for people to connect.

Since 2019 we have volunteered our time to develop Big Love whilst continuing in our full-time day jobs. At the start of 2022, I reduced my employed hours so that I could invest more of my time into developing the work of Big Love. This has naturally impacted our family’s income but we wholeheartedly believe in Big Love and we're excited for what could be. If you wish to support me personally as I dedicate more of my time to Big Love there is an opportunity to do so financially via Stewardship. 

While we're still at the beginning of our journey, we're excited about drawing people from different paths to join us as we aim to restore, repair and revive areas of deprivation. We see Big Love as a bridge which people can cross to utilise their skills, gifts and talents and in doing so, find worth, purpose and value and discover the power that comes through compassion for others. Thanks for your time. Big Love, always. Sx

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We work with Stewardship to process all of our monthly and one off donations. Registered in England under charity no. 234714 and company no. 90305