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I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Stu and I'm excited as he and Emm launch Big Love Charity. I have witnessed first hand Stu's care for people and a desire to help others, he is a trusted friend. I have no doubt Big Love will be a huge success as they place value on people and lead with compassion and integrity. I'm excited to watch the journey unfold for them as they bring people of all walks and paths together to create a charity that offers hope and a new story for others.



Founding Directors of Outstretched Hands Romania

Stu and Emm Alleway have for many years been investing in their community, partnering with others to make a big difference in England. Now, they bring their Big Love Charity to assist the vision and activities of Outstretched Hands of Romania. We’re thankful and excited for what’s coming our way to help us befriend the poor, forgotten, and marginalized in Romania. I highly recommend you come alongside Big Love to help make a Big Impact in Romania . . . the difference you make will echo in eternity!



Retired MP

I have known both Stuart and Emm for over 15 years as personal friends and I have always found them to be totally honest, straightforward and open. As deeply committed Christians they value people and want to see others develop and flourish, getting the most out of life, as they have.


They are both of good character, with a great ability to connect with other people and bring the best out of them through encouraging them and nurturing them. They are easy to get on with and are approachable. They are fun to be around, with a great sense of humour, and are genuinely a kind and caring couple who constantly think of others before themselves.


I am privileged to count them as my friends.


Author | Speaker | Leadership Consultant

I am excited to see the way in which Big Love Charity is making such a difference to the kids and local communities in Romania where the Alleway family are working to bring change and encouragement. I have known Stu and Emm for a number of years now and have seen first hand the way in which they've loved and cared for all kinds of people, but especially children and youth.  


Big Love Charity encapsulates everything they believe, showing how love can really make a difference. 


It's wonderful to know that there are people like Stu and Emm and their friends and family who are so willing to go the extra mile...or more to help kids grow and develop.


This kind of love is what changes the future for whole communities, bringing new opportunities and new hope. I salute you, Stu and Emm. You're doing an amazing job. 


Founding Director of Redeeming Our Communities

Stu is a gifted leader who has a passion for the community and a great track record in pioneering new community projects. I highly recommend him.