People are really important,
really important.


Stu & Emm Alleway founded Big Love in 2019. They love people and believe hope and opportunity should be available to everyone. They are excited about seeing Big Love develop through meaningful and intentional relationships functioning through the charity's key objectives. They both have a passion to see Big Love play a part in combatting child trafficking and exploitation around Europe, and supporting young people in the UK to discover their own worth and value. They are parents to three kids and whilst juggling being taxi drivers for them, they both serve in their local church and work with young people in the UK.


"A team committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything." Simon Sinek.

We know Big Love cannot function without the skills and talents of our beautiful team, all of whom we're so grateful for.

Richard Fox - Head of Finance

We can't express how grateful we are for Richard; he is a huge blessing to Big Love. Having been involved in finance for various churches and charities, Richard oversees the day-to-day finance for Big Love. His insight, wisdom and background in finance is helping us advance the work of Big Love. Richard has been one of our biggest champions and we're so pleased we get to work with him.

Tim & Ellie Button - Moldova

Tim & Ellie live in Maldon, Essex where they lead 'The Hive Church'. Ellie is a fantastic singer/songwriter and Tim works for Made For More a Chelmsford based charity that works as an advocate for young people's mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Prior to the pandemic they lived in Moldova, one of Europe's poorest countries. In the two years living there they served as independent missionaries, supporting individuals and organisations delivering front line services to those in need. Tim and Ellie will be facilitating the work of Big Love Moldova. We're excited to have them on board.

Jess Cooper - Newsletter and Communications

Jess is invaluable to us, her skills around marketing and Mailchimp and helping us keep up to date with our subscribers is a huge blessing. Jess also works for Kintsugi Hope, a charity that champions mental health and social isolation support.

Pete Hylton - Building projects

Pete has been with us from the very start! His background in building and his pastoral heart for others makes him a dream team member. Pete will help us deliver our short term building projects.

Carole O' Brien - Education

Carole is a huge gift to us who has taught in both a public and private setting in the education sector. Her skills and expertise are a huge asset to Big Love as we work with our overseas partners developing basic and sustainable curriculums for primary aged children.

Matt Cooper - Website & Videomaker

Matt has a fantastic eye for detail and is key for us. He has developed and designed our website and is in the process of developing a Big Love documentary. He has worked for major organisations developing websites and creating & editing documentaries.

Viv Shepherd - Big Love Hope Course Facilitator

Viv is a make up artist by trade and for the last 10 years has worked in a drug and alcohol rehab centre and also worked with victims of domestic abuse delivering a self-esteem course. Viv has co- written a course for Big Love that we shall be delivering to communities in the UK and when we travel abroad to support vulnerable women. At present over 25 women have benefitted from the 6 week course which started in September 2023.


At Big Love, we hold integrity and transparency in high regard. With the wisdom, support, challenge, and input from our board of trustees, we've consistently delivered on our outcomes, ensuring our mission's success.  

Paul Gutteridge

Paul is an Honorary Fellow Edward Cadbury Centre, University of Birmingham. Paul brings over 20 years of experience understanding religious, political, business and community drivers to establish connections, build trust and broker dialogue between formal and informal leaders. Paul's wisdom, creativity, and gift of communication will be a huge asset to the work of Big Love. We are thrilled to have him with us.

Ria Mckenna

Ria has a wealth of experience in the charity sector and has been an incredible addition to the Big Love team. Ria's experience in applying for funds and HR knowledge is invaluable to us. Along with her husband, Ria runs Reach Every Generation, an incredible CIC social enterprise supporting young people caught up in gangs.

Andy Jeffery

Andy has a wealth of experience in the finance/business sector having spent many years in the City. Andy has since gone on to develop his own business, The Paperbagstore, which has been an incredible blessing to Big Love as we ship numerous boxes to our friends in Romania.

He has worked with a number of businesses in Romania over the last 6 years and visited the country on numerous occasions in that time. Andy is Married to Sue and they have two daughters. Even though Andy is a proud West Ham fan we still welcome him to our team with open arms.

Andrea Barnes

Andrea has spent most of her career in education as a primary school teacher with responsibility for music provision in the various schools she has worked in. Currently, she is working mainly as a violin and piano teacher as well as teaching whole class instrumental lessons.

She enjoys volunteering as a dog walker, writing fiction, creating electronic music and over recent years has been attempting to learn Romanian!

Stephen St James

Stephen St James is a qualified accountant. After a long career in financial management he has recently been mixing interim assignments with helping to establish charity projects, blending his professional knowledge with a passion to see things change for the better. Steve has helped establish five charities that operate in the UK and overseas and is currently engaged in charity start-ups and fundraising projects in addition to Big Love. He is passionate about running, football, sailing and the great outdoors.