Our Story... 


We were stood on a mud track in Southern Romania with our three small kids. Amongst the huge pile of rubbish and stray dogs, were children, the same age as ours.  These little ones had no shoes, little clothing and were looking through the huge pile of rubbish. Our two older kids played on the path with a few of the local kids as we held our youngest daughters chubby, well-fed hand.  An uncomfortable question started to form… “God, how can this be their story?”


The injustice felt wrong, and the feeling of needing to do something would not leave us. 


Unicef Photographer Simon Lister says, “People can only really care about the things they know about.” We believe everyone has something to offer the world and as Big Love grows we see partnerships as key to identifying needs we will help facilitate.  For us it started on a mud track in Romania, once we knew about it, we cared about it; once we cared about it, we had to do something about it. 


In 2019 we launched Big Love, a brand new charity that aims to re-write the stories of families and individuals caught in a seemingly never ending cycle of poverty and hopelessness.