Our Purpose...


We want to encourage individuals to see their part in the re-write of other people's stories, and even their own. There is a verse in the Bible that reads, “He/She who refreshes others, are themselves refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25


At Big Love we want to primarily focus and gain financial support and skills in 5 key identified areas:


  • Football - Providing kits, coaching and inviting professional football players and coaches over to help run fun workshops.


  • Education - Working with local schools to help provide basic curriculums and resources such as stationery to support teachers construct basic curriculums.


  • Healthcare - To support health workers as they provide regular check-ups to the children in the local villages. To teach basic first aid in the areas we care for.


  • Leadership - To work with community leaders and look at sustainable models of self sufficiency. To provide respite for community leaders who tirelessly sow into the lives of many, offering much needed breaks for those who give so much.


  • Building work- To send teams to help with small/medium building projects in areas of need, whether that’s small domestic jobs or larger jobs within community centres. We want to send teams to help in areas of need.


We Believe: Connected hearts bring meaningful change and a long lasting impact to communities.  


We Believe: In Investing into projects that ensure sustainability and offer communities the chance to be self-sufficient.


We Believe: Hope, Joy and Fun are for all: for every child and every adult.